The West Coast Band


11 July 2016 ·
Probably the most entertaining band I've seen in Rothbury. Both sets were outstanding, there harmonies were brilliant and the front man had an exceptional voice. Sound was superb. What a talent, if you ain't seen them, put them on your "to do list".

LMargaret Blackwell Agree, first class, absolutely brilliant

Michael Mre Edmondson I've heard good things about them. ..on the list to see. .....may have to cancel our gig on the 23rd to avoid embarrassment

 · 10 July 2016 at 00:29

Lynn Tocker Fantastic band. X

10 July 2016 at 00:45

Tony Fulthorp Agree completely, one of the best bands I've ever seen.

· 10 July 2016 at 01:12

David Smith Great night top band thanks very much.!

· 10 July 2016 at 02:24

Larry Dodds you could pay big-money to see bands that could not match these lads...Really were a bit special,,and of course did all the songs we all loved---fabulous night..

· 10 July 2016 at 07:39

Colin Davison Agreed, top band. Lovely harmonies especially on The Eagles numbers, note perfect guitar and some fantastic solos. Come back soon Den Van Diesel, oh and dont forget the rest of the band;)


Neil Boreland Really enjoyed it, I think everybody who was in there did - well done lads.
Cassie Kay Fantastic night, we'll be looking out for your next gig.
Janice Jones shared your event.
Excellent night - new all the songs bar one!
Mike Stead Had the tickets a while now. Really looking forward to it.
Has To Be Said..... THE WEST COAST BAND.... TONIGHT. Rocked our Concert Room.The audience, From the first number, Knew they were in for a treat, A Great Night. The band excelled themselves.. The harmonies, were pitch perfect. The band to a man... Played their instruments to perfection. Receiving a standing ovation, by many, after each song. We at Cullercoats Crescent Club... Hope to provide, similar Great Entertainment, for all to enjoy.... And in the future, bring THE WEST COAST BAND back... We will post a record of the night, in pictures, for all to see... Special mention to Steve Holgate, Vice Chairman, who co-ordinated the night. Which was a resounding success. A fantastic show, Enjoyed by all.... " LIKE " Our page... We will keep you informed, Of all future events on offer.
Gladys Redden Oh yes please as they were brilliant, xxx
Joan Gibson A great night

ARRY DODDS...... you could pay big-money to see bands that could not match these lads...Really were a bit special,,and of course did all the songs we all loved---fabulous night.The West Coast Band


Bryan Coppen

The Craster Arms

25 April 2016 ·

The West Coast Band were so good on Saturday night they even got the staff a moving and a grooving.

It was a great gig, that we all loved!

The Queens Head - Rothbury

6 November 2016 ·

Had an absolute blast with The West Coast Band tonight, really tight harmonies and lovely guitar, cant wait till next time...... thanks xxx

The Queens Head - Rothbury

3 November 2016 ·

Another busy weekend ahead, Tom O'Donnell will be playing in the bar on Friday night from 8-30pm and on Saturday 5th November we have the amazing West Coast Band making a return visit, dont miss this they are brilliant.

Penny Gill Rock Bar

20 May at 10:55 ·

Great performance last night from West Coast Band, good to have something a bit different for a Friday night and still manage to have the place packed!